0October 25, 2011


It’s Emma again from Boom Nails! This week I’m going to show you how I did some nail art based on the gorgeous Motel Ozlem Dress in Primary Colours.

Motel Rocks Ozlem Dress Colour Block 60s Dress Fun Colourful Colour Pop

The first step is to do a basecoat on all the nails – I used Orly Bonder.

Then you need to copy the sections of colours in the dress onto the nail. I would usually do that with coloured nail art pens, but because I didn’t have all the colours I needed, I just used regular pots of nail varnish. Because you will be separating each section of colour with a thick line of black, it doesn’t matter if it’s not super neat!

Once you’ve done the blocks of colour on all the nails, divide the sections up with a black line. I did two thin stripes very close together for each line, and then filled that in. To do the black, you can use a nail pen such as the Models Own x Wah Nail Pen sold on the Motel website.

When all the nails are done, you should have something that looks a bit like this…

To buy the Ozlem dress, mosey on down to the Motel website!

Until next week, TA RAAH x